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Product Features & Specifications


  • Helps patient safely change position in bed and transfer from bed to other equipment with minimal assistance.
  • Rubber bumper guards protect walls
  • Handbar location fully adjustable
  • Comes with floor stand
  • Meets requirements for HCPCS code E0912
  • 14mm wrench required for assembly


  • Assisted Weight Capacity: 450 lb    
  • Overall Height (including fixed bracket) : 76 7/8"    
  • Outside Base Width: 28 7/8"    
  • Width Between Base Legs: 27"    
  • Base Length: 40 1/2"    
  • Weight of Product: 72 lbs


  • If choosing to rent, please note that substantial physical and cosmetic damages incurred while in your care may be subject to additional fees upon return. If you purchase a product and would like to exchange for one of equal or greater value or are not satisfied, please contact us via our contact page or by phone number and we'll work with you to get what you need!

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